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Google still vulnerable to Black Hat Techniques

Did you know that if you own a website that comes up on the first page of Google for the keyword ‘Viagra’ that it is worth $250,000 EVERY DAY in income?

This is why black hat SEO exists, because it works and there is nothing that Google can do about it and they know it. For those of you who are not familiar with search engine optimization; it is the process of making a website show up higher on the search engine ranks by using two different techniques. One is called On-Page Optimizations and the other is called Off-Page Optimization.  On- Page optimization involves making your website have correct content for what a user is searching for. For example; if you want your website to show up for a Seattle Tattoo Shop, you would have articles pictures and videos about Tattoos in Seattle. Also you need to adjust your title tags with the proper words related to the article. There is a lot more to it than that but those are the basics. Now Off-Page optimization is decided on a number of factors including social media signals for example; how many likes does your Facebook page have and how many shares is it receiving.

 Another example would be does the business have a twitter profile and how active is it. But the PRIMARY way that Google ranks sites is links. How many links from other websites are pointing at your site and where are the links coming from. If you get a link from  your cousins local knitting club it doesn’t count as much, but if you get a link from a big website like Amazon or Yahoo then that link carries much more power.  The more high rank links you have the higher your site will show up in the search engines. This is where Black Hat SEO comes in. What Black hatters do is use automated programs to go all over the internet putting links pointing to your site.  It can get much more technical than that but that is the basis of it.  Now you probably heard about stories of how websites got delisted off of Google because they got caught using these techniques. Most of that is Google’s on propaganda and they use these so called SEO experts to spread it around to put fear in webmasters.  Here is the kicker. ANYBODY could point black hat links to ANY website on the internet. So what is to stop your competition to pointing 10,000 spam links to YOUR website and getting your cash flow penalized? ABSOLUTLY NOTHING and Google knows this. This technique is called Negative SEO.  

The only way Google could stop Black Hat SEO is to take down there entire database of ranked sites thereby destroying their entire business model.  White Hat SEO firms like builds links by a number of techniques. The primary one is citations. This is registering your website site with businesses like Yelp, Four Square and other business directors. This provides links from high quality websites to your business usually for free. We have a list of over 220 high ranking sites that we use for our clients. Another way is to look at the back links of your competitors and find out where they are getting links from and go and try to acquire the same links. There are multiple techniques to getting clean white hat links and we apply those for our clients.  90 percent of all consumers do not go past the first page of Google when selecting a service or product. If you are not on the first page all those customers are going to your competitors.  If you own a website or a local business you must do search engine optimization on your website or you will throwing away tons of revenue. Visit our site for more free tips and a list of our 230 free citation link sources for your business.

Here is example of black hat SEO still working today. Below is a screen shot of my news search on Google Dated 8/10/2016

Generic Cialis of Canada got there male enhancement ad to show up under the news section for California Thyroid Cancer.


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