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Do Seeds from a hermorphadited plant create hermorphadited seeds
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 One of the worst things that can happen to an indoor plant is for a strain to hemorphadite and pollinate the rest of his grow room. Hermorphadite is a survival trait that causes a female plant to produce male flowers. A plant can hemorphadite during any part of the flower process and even experienced growers can miss it.
This causes your entire room to get pollinated so instead of producing bud the plant starts to use its energy to produce seeds. This will destroy your entire crop and cause you to loose a lot of money. A lot of people want to know do hermorphadited seeds make hermorphadited plants. Or do they make feminized seeds. After searching the internet it seems like the answers were 50 percent for yes they make hermorphadited seeds the other half was saying the seeds are fine or feminized.
Well low and behold I had it happen to my garden. First time in 12 years of growing. I obtained a girl scout cookie clone and it grew out fine until about the 5th week it hermied and pollinated my entire room. Well now I had a bunch of girl scout cookie seeds but didn`t want to waste my time growing out a bunch a hermies but I thought it would be a good experiment.. I took about 20 seeds from about 5 different strains that were pollinated and gave some out to some of our patient growers. The others I grew out myself. out of 30 seeds 28 of them were female and flowered out without hermorphaditing.  The other 2 were male.
So this happens to you do not throw away your seeds grow them out and see what you get. Just remember to keep a good eye on them during the flower process.
Diagram of a hermorphadited plant

Here are some rules to keep your plants from turning into a hermie.

1. Make sure there are no light leaks in your room.
2. Make sure that you keep the same light schedule during flower. One of the things that pros use to purposely turn a plant into a hermie is called light poisoning.
This is were a grower will have the lights on a 12 12 schedule then the next day put it on a 18 4 schedule then the next day different schedule. The goal is to confuse the plant`s lighting schedule to stress it.
3. Do not shock the plant by moving it to much during the transplanting phase.
4. Make sure that you equalize your water temperature before watering your plant. Cold water from a water hose can shock the plants roots


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I have a correction on this above report. About 5 seeds out of 20 did hermorphadited later on in the flower stage. So final results were 75 percent females and 25 percent hermorphadited plants came from seed sample.
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