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Dispensary Price War
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If you have`nt notice and I have but there is a major price war going on in the Pacific Northwest. Here are some examples of pricing I am seeing on weed maps.

Puyallup Shop all grams $7 all ounces 195
Seattle Shop has over 15 strains at $100 a ounce.
Other shops have all 9 8 7 6 and even some 3 dollar grams.
Also have seen 8th`s advertised as low as 17.50.

Since Washington State legalized marijuana there has been new medical marijuana shops popping up all over the place.
There also seems to be some out of state growers opening up dispensaries and flooding the market with cheap outdoor and green house meds.
Also most shops are refusing to pay more than $2000 a pound to indoor growers. This is having a devastating affect on many clubs and a lot of them will not survive the blood bath.
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