Dispensary Exchange: About Us

Dispensary Exchange.com is a website that brings together the most important stakeholders in the medical marijuana community—the local dispenser owners and the vendors. We want to provide the medical community with the modern database technology that will serve as one of the country’s most trusted and credible reference when it comes to finding accredited, legal and legitimate vendors and medical marijuana dispensaries. This database is important not just for the people in the industry, but also for patients who need a regular supply of marijuana, as it is crucial for their treatment plan.

We want the website to be a one-stop guide for dispensary owners who want to get the best and most trusted vendors in their state. We want the local owners to have a hassle-free and guaranteed legal way of finding a list of vendors that have earned a good reputation over the years. Selling and purchasing of medical marijuana can be a bit challenging since it is not any ordinary medication. We are here to make things easier and more accessible for all parties involved. We will also help you choose the vendor that will give you the supplies that you need.

Our website contains information about the vendors so you do not need to take numerous calls from various suppliers, offering you their products and taking much of your time. With Dispensary Exchange, you can save a lot of time and effort because our database also includes vendors stating the products that they offer. Since you know what you need for your business, you can easily contact and get in touch with the vendor that you deem will provide you the best products and supplies for your clients.

We also provide affordable rates should you want to enlist your shop in our list. Hundreds of clients from all over the country can search for your shop and you can easily market your services and products so this is also one way of effective advertising for your business.

If you are a vendor of medical marijuana and you want to expand your network, you can also register with us because we provide the means for you to easily be recognized and seen by local dispensary owners without having to call each one of them and selling them your products. We have a database of all accredited vendors and by being part of that list, you can post your profile on the website and you can also list the products and services that you offer. Local owners can conveniently search for the nearest vendor and you can gain credibility as other clients can also post their comments on your page, and they can either give their recommendations to other dispenser owners and can share their experience with the way you do business with your clients.

We aim to enrich the medical marijuana community with the updated, correct knowledge on the drug, with trusted and reliable marijuana suppliers, and with the convenient ways to get the treatment that patients need.

Vendor Search Status 

One of the biggest problems with shop owners is being bombarded with calls and visits from vendors trying to sell you their products. With Dispensary Exchange.com dispensary owners can set their search status to three different states.

A. Green Accepting Vendors
B. Yellow Accepting limited vendors for products the shop is looking for.
C. Red No Vendors are being Accepted for any products at the current time.


When vendors search the database they now know who to call and who to leave in peace saving everyone money and time.


Dispensary exchange.com takes our clients privacy seriously. We use a 2 step process to verify dispensaries to ensure they are following their prospective jurisdictions rules and laws regarding medical marijuana. Only verified dispensaries have access to view and communicate with vendors. Furthermore we do collect or track IP addresses or our users. We also have a 2 step communication system that allows owners and vendors to communicate via our website. Users can also choose if they like to communicate via phone or email if they like.

Dispensary Echange.com was created by a dispensary owner for dispensary owners. All of our basic services are free. Owners can list their business, update their vendor search status, and browse and contact vendors for free saving them precious time and resources. Vendors can create their profile add up to 5 products and search for dispensaries who are actually looking for their products instead of wasting time calling shop to shop. More importantly the vendor saves money in gas from driving from store to store absolutely free.