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Las Vegas Shooting, What REALLY Happened
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This is the truth of what really happened in Las Vegas during the worst Mass Shooting in US History.
You are welcome to try to debunk it but I bet a million dollars you can't.

The Official Story. A lone gunman name Paddock went crazy and out of the blue decided to murder 50 American attending a country concert.

The True Story.
The Vegas Shooting was an Assassination Attempt against Donald Trump and The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia by the Mossad, ISIS, The FBI, Australian and possibly UK Spooks or intelligence operators. The concert was shot up as a DIVERSION for the HIT TEAMS to escape after their plot was discovered by military intelligence. protecting Trump and his associates.

Update 2/15/2019

The Plane that crashed in the LA Suburbs a few days ago was piloted by Antonio Pastini, who was carrying fake Chicago Police ID and was buddies with Guess Who???? Drum Roll Please ////////////////////////////////////  Stephen Paddock the Las Vegas Shooter. Click on Picture to Watch Youtube Video.
Very Suspicious Watson

A mainly redacted “Of Special Importance” highly classified new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) circulating in the Kremlin today confirming the Ministry of Defense (MoD) assessment that elite US Special Forces have begun high profile arrest operations in Los Angeles-California, notes that this urban combat operation was begun within hours after a known CIA deep cover pilot going by the name of Antonio Pastini was blown out of sky—whose true name is Jordan Isaacson, and whom SVR intelligence analysts had previously identified as being one of the CIA pilots who flew stolen Israeli weapons and ammunition to Nevada where they ended up in the possession of CIA arms pilot Stephen Paddock, who is reported to have singlehandedly carried out the worst massacre in American history on 1 October 2017 when it was said he fired more than 1,100 rounds from his suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas-

And of Course the very next day Los Angelas gets raided by Special Forces in what they call a TRAINING MISSION.

The Evidence.

People of Interest: (This list is a bit hard to follow because of the long names. This chart: will help you clarify who is who.) King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud (King Saud. Deceased): King of Saudi Arabia (1932-1953) King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Deceased) : 5th son of King Saud. King of Saudi Arabia until his death in 2015. The successor is King Salman Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Henceforth King Salman): Current King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). 8th son of deceased King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud. Mohammad bin Salman (Henceforth Crown Prince Mohammad): Son of King Salman. Currently next in line to be king after King Salman. Muqrin bin Abdulaziz (Former Deputy Crown Prince. Henceforth Muqrin): 9th son of deceased King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud. Was next in line to be king if King Salman had died before being crowned king. IS THE FATHER OF Mansour bin Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al Saud! THE MAN KILLED IN THE HELICOPTER CRASH ON 11/5/2017. Mansour bin Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Henceforth Mansour): Son of Muqrin bin Abdulaziz. Died 11/5/2017, the day of the failed coup on the throne of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Alwaleed bin Talal (Henceforth Talal): Billionaire businessmen. Grandson of King Saud. Has ties to DNC, Clinton, Podesta. Arrested 11/4/2017 for corruption. Owns The Four Seasons at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas (Four Seasons occupy the top floors of Mandalay Bay) Owns shares in Twitter as well as other high-tech silicon valley companies. Has had spats with Trump in the past. I know that's a mouthful of names, but bear with me. Just remember 4 names: Salman, Mohammad, Muqrin, and Mansour.

Do you remember how President Trump visited Saudi Arabia back in May of 2017? Do you remember how warmly he was greeted by King Salman? I do. It was a spectacle. Why was he greeted so welcomingly? After all, President Obama's reception was... shall we say, less than grand. Do you remember how after Trump's visit, Saudi Arabia started becoming more open in their policies? Women can drive there now. Did you notice how the Syrian rebellion became quiet? Did you notice how quickly ISIS was crushed after the visit? Why did Saudi Arabia suddenly want to get their oil companies listed on the NYSE? What could have caused this? To answer this, we have to look a little further back. Back to around 2010. It all goes back to fracking. You see, the Kindom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has always relied heavily on its vast petrol reserves for wealth and prosperity. And they were ruthless. OPEC. The cartel of gasoline. You can't count the number of times throughout history that OPEC used its power to crush governments, manipulate prices, control supplies, and fund activities. If there ever was an international group of bullies, OPEC was it. And at the head of this organization was the mighty KSA. Then came the fracking boom. Suddenly, the world was no longer at the mercy of OPEC. This made them nervous. So, they did what they always do. They pumped out more petroleum, driving the price of gas to lowest in decades. What was their objective? To bankrupt these fracking businesses. KSA is rich. Very rich. They figured we'll just drive gas prices unbelievably low and take the loss until all these fracking business startups crumble.

Do you remember how cheap gas got between 2013-2016? It was ridiculous, wasn't it? But what they didn't count on was just how cheap fracking had become. So many of these businesses didn't go bankrupt. So they took another step. To convince the world that fracking was bad for the environment. So they lobbied and supplied funds to the Democratic party. Why? Because the leftist are usually the ones who support ANY and ALL environmental regulations. Do you remember all the legal battles that fracking had to go through? Hell, it's still illegal in most blue states. Do you now understand why the Saudis donated so much money to the Clinton campaign? She was HEAVILY favored to win and if she did, you can bet your ass that illegalizing fracking would have been on the top of her list, returning us to dependence on Arab oil. But... this didn't work either. Fracking continued. And then, a shitstorm of reality hit them hard. You see, KSA had vastly underestimated the number of total shale reserves in North America. They had no idea that so much of this stuff exists. They thought maybe they could ride it out if the reserves would dry up in a decade or so. But nope. We have enough shale to supply us for at least 50 years. Hmmm... big problem. So, if you're King Salman, what do you do?

Well, there's only one thing you can do. Give up the reliance on oil production and try to use existing wealth to stay wealthy. To modernize its trade to include more than just exports of oil. They would need to build an entire industrial country from scratch. To do that, he needed the help of the USA. And that's where President Trump comes in. You see, the May 2017 meeting between Trump and King Salman (and his son Mohammad), was not just another meeting. It was a business meeting. King Salman asked Trump for help. Trump was more than willing to give it (like listing the oil companies on the NYSE) but his help would come with a price. Liberalization and the stop of illegal funding. No more contributions to American politics. No more supplying funds to terrorists or splinter groups. King Salman took the deal. All of a sudden, women were allowed to drive. ISIS was retreating. Syrian rebels suddenly ran out of ammunition. Yay. All good up to this point. Now comes the bad Not all the royalties in KSA are into this. They don't like losing the power they once had. What's worse, they don't want to become liberal. They now start resenting King Salmon. They start plotting against him. At the forefront of this movement is none other than the previous Deputy Crown Prince, Muqrin, and his son, Mansour (the man killed in the helicopter crash of 11/5/17).

October 1, 2017. The top floors of Mandalay Bay aren't Mandalay Bay but is Four Seasons, owned by billionaire Talal. Who was occupying that whole floor that night? I can't remember where, but I heard that the whole floor was reserved for that week. Now, no one would do that unless they were Saudi royalty. We don't know for sure, but my guess is Crown Prince Mohammad. We know it wasn't King Salman, because he was in Russia at the time. The plan is to take out the crown prince. Then kill King Salman. With the King and the Crown Prince dead, who is next in line? Yup. The former deputy crown prince, Muqrin. So, posing as terrorists who wanted to buy the guns for some terrorist attack, they dupe the CIA or FBI to supply the guns to the death squad. Their real plan is to climb the stairs right after the deal and kill the VIP in the floors above them. This is why the weapons cache was located on the 32nd floor. They would only have to climb a few stairs or take the elevator up a little to start the killing. Now, here's what happened that night:

Paddock is the contact man to supply the guns. He meets a couple of assassins ahead of time (remember, the shooting starts at 10:05). At this point, Paddock is thinking this is a gun deal. Only a few magazines are loaded. He merely wants to show the customers how to load the chamber etc... What he doesn't know is that the advance team was sent to secure the floor. That all but one entry point to the floor would be barricaded (crucial since the reason Campos becomes suspicious of the blocked doors is what ultimately leads him to investigate) The reason for the barricade is that once the assault starts, the assassins want to make sure to impede the authorities as much as possible from reaching the top floors. CIA/FBI (or Trump's own intelligence) got wind of the assassination that was about to take place. Immediate action is taken to round up the assassins. Remember, we're talking about an army of assassins here. You can't kill a Crown Prince who's protected by 30 armed bodyguards by pulling a Jack Ruby. I estimate at least 20 assassins in total.

What the assassins didn't know was that the prince had disguised himself as a regular dude to enjoy the nightlife in Vegas. (Saudi princes have been known to do this) He had slipped away from the Mandalay and was at the Tropicana playing some cards. As soon as the FBI (or some other agency) learned of the assassination plot, they stormed the Tropicana and extracted the prince. The video can be seen here.

Update 2/15/209

Update This Video has been debunked as being that of the Crown Prince. supposedly it was a decoy to lead the hit teams away from the Crown Prince

They lead him out of the casino and escort him to the nearest helipad to be picked up. BUT, on the way, they encounter some resistance from a few assassins. Hence the firefight at the airport. Eventually, he makes it to the chopper and is whisked away. This explains the flight radar reports you see all over the net. Meanwhile, the FBI has gathered up as many of the assassins as they can. A few are armed with sidearms. They don't have rifles yet because the rendezvous with Paddock hasn't occurred yet. Hence the random firefights at various casinos that night. A few are killed. Hence the Laura Loomer videos of covered up dead people.

The assassins already in Paddock's room gets a call. They are told that the Prince is not in his suite above. That he's being escorted out of the Tropicana. They start panicking. If they get caught in this plot to assassinate the crown prince, not only are they dead, but their employer is dead as well. They come up with a plan. They will kill Paddock and start firing on the crowd below. They're gonna make him a crazy lone gunman. So they kill Paddock. They break a window. They pick up a rifle and start firing at the crowd below. After a couple of mags, they realize that the other mags aren't loaded! Holy fuck. They start reloading as fast as possible. This is why the average time between bursts of fire is over 40 seconds. One of them gets an idea. Let me go to the other room and break that window and shoot at the fuel tanks at a nearby airport. This will draw the police away from the Mandalay and they can escape. So he goes and attempts just that. Unfortunately, the tanks do not blow up. By this time, Jesus Campos is knocking on the door. So they just unload on him. This is why there are (supposedly) 200 shots through the door. Campos escapes a lethal shot and calls in security. Now the assassins are getting nervous. They realize that someone in the hotel knows that someone is firing. They fire as much as they can. They are thinking as soon as this barrage is done, we run. But the swat team starts knocking on the door. Fuck. The assassins realize they're screwed. So the first one shoots himself. (This is the first of the single shots you hear at the end). The second assassin isn't so sure.

He doesn't want to die. So after 10 seconds of courage gathering, he shoots himself as well. The SWAT team bursts in and finds 3 bodies. They start asking questions. But because the FBI is already there (remember, they extracted the prince) they take over. They quickly assess the situation. They realize the implications. They remove the 2 assassins bodies, take a picture of Paddock lying there, and release it to 4chan to solidify their narrative. Paddock is made the patsy. Why? Because if a failed Saudi assassination attempt was responsible for the deaths, if the FBI/CIA had supplied the guns that killed 58 innocent people (not counting Paddock since he's an asset), then two things would happen. One, we would demand that we go to war with Saudi Arabia. And two, whichever organization that Paddock worked for would be utterly dismantled. Wew lads, I know. Quite a story. Now, let's fast forward to one month later. We know a missile was intercepted by the Saudi military on November 3 or 4th. This was probably the final effort by the anti-King Salman group. This was their last ditch effort to kill him. OR, it was staged to give King Salman the excuse to round everyone up in retaliation of the assassination attempt. We know that MASSIVE raids and the rounding of Saudi princes took place on the 5th. I will guarantee you that all these people are anti-Salman/Mohammad. And who was just killed? Yes. The son of Muqrin, Mansour. Mansour's death was retaliation. I have no doubt of it. He was executed. Ok, now that this has happened, what's next? Well, my guess will be that we will learn all of the funding that has been coming out of Saudi Arabia for the past decade. It will expose their connections to the DNC. We will learn that they have been at the root of all the turmoil in the Middle East. Then, they'll all be executed.

P.S. The story works just fine with Paddock as a private illegal guns dealer, meaning the FBI/CIA only helped to foil the assassination attempt. He doesn't have to be working for an alphabet agency. However, given the clues from his lifestyle (or the utter lack of it), I'm betting that he was an asset.

If you are not familiar with who or what Q is watching this important video to get up to speed.

This was one of the earliest Q post from Nov 5th 2017

Anonymous ID: cS8cMPVQ No.148031295 📁
Seth Rich only mentioned because it directly relates to SA.
Las Vegas.
What hotel did the 'reported' gunfire occur from?
What floors specifically?
Who owns the top floors?
Top floors only.
Why is that relevant?
What was the shooter's name?
What was his net worth?
How do you identify a spook?
What can historical data collection reveal?
Were there any eyewitnesses?
Was he registered as a security guard?
Why is MS13 important?
What doesn't add up?
Was there only one shooter?
Why was JFK released?
What do the JFK files infer?
Was there only one shooter?
Who was in LV during this time?
What was the real mission?
Why are survivors dying randomly?
What do each of these survivors have in common?
Did they talk on social media?
What did they say?
Were they going to form a group?
Why is this relevant?
How did they die?
What CIA report was released by WK?
What can control a car?
How did the (2) of the survivors die?
Car crash?
How does this connect to SA?
What just happened in SA?
Who owns the top floors of the hotel?
What happened today in SA?
To who specifically?
Was POTUS in LV that night?
Why was he there?
Who did he have a classified meeting with?
Did AF1 land at McCarran?
What unmarked tail numbers flew into McCarren that night?
Trace AF1 that entire day.
What do you notice?
Q Let me answer the questions as best that I can. Seth Rich only mentioned because it directly relates to SA. ***How is Seth Rich related to Saudi Arabia? Unknown
Las Vegas.
What hotel did the 'reported' gunfire occur from? ** Gunfire was reported from Mandalay Bay.
What floors specifically?---------------------------------****32 nd Floor Paddocks Room
Who owns the top floors? -------------------------------->>> The Saudi Royal Family along with Bill Gates own the Top Floors of the Mandalay Bay
Top floors only.
Why is that relevant? ----------------------->>>>> This is relevant because it relates directly to the Saudi Arrest of Princes
What was the shooter's name? ------------>>>>>> Stephen Paddock
What was his net worth?------------------------->>>>>>2 million dollars.
How do you identify a spook?-------------------->>>>>>Q here is indicating that Paddock is a Spook, We will find out later that his girlfriend are Probably FBI agents.
What can historical data collection reveal? -------------------->>>>Unknown
Was there any eyewitnesses?----------------------------------------->>>>>>>Many
Who?-------------------------------------------------------------------->>>>>> Too many to count, next question indicates Jesus the Security Guard.
Was he registered as a security guard?-------------------------------->>>>>>Yes
Why is MS13 important?-------------------------------------------------->>>>>>> Later you will learn that a Congressman admitted on Fox news that MS-13 was smuggled across the border and where involed with the shooting.
What doesn't add up?-------------------------------------------->>>>NONE of the shit adds up.
Was there only one shooter?---------------------------------->>>>Shootings were reported at multiple Hotels.
Why was JFK released?----------------------------------------->>>>>Q seems to indicated JFK files correlates with an assassination attempt.
What do the JFK files infer? ------------------------------------>>>>>>>> Files indicated multiple shooters
Was there only one shooter?----------------------------------->.....................Files indicated a shot came through the front window
Who was in LV during this time? ----------------------------------.>>>>>>>>Indication that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and Trump were in Vegas at the same time.
What was the real mission?------------------------------>>>>>>> I believe Trump was meeting with the Crown Prince to arrange the arrest and surrender of the financiers of 911
Speculate. The rest of the questions seems to direct you toward Air Force One being in Vegas and connections to Saudi Arabia. Update 2/15/2019 Twitter User @sheerglee1 posted this on 2/10/2019 Robert David Steele
This was confirmed by Robert Steele Noble Peace Prize Nominee and former CIA Spook. See:
Robert David Steele ISIS MS-13 connection Here congressman Scott Perry of Pennsylvania states on Fox TV that he had credible information that members of ISIS were smuggled across the Mexican Border and were involved in the shooting. scott Perry Vegas Shooting

This is a BOMBSHELL and matches with the Q post regarding MS-13 Mexican Mafia crossing the border and you will soon see matches with the activities of Australian spook Brian Hodge.

Brian Hodge

Now, what are the odds that the same MF who worked in a Casino in Austraila with Paddocks Girlfriends was in the ROOM Next to Paddock during the Las Vegas Shooting?????

*Note the website TruePundit is ran by retired FBI agents. see

The hushed FBI investigation unfolding inside the FBI’s public Broadway show version of the Las Vegas shooting investigation started when a witness claimed he hid outside Mandalay Bay in the bushes for hours after the stream of gunfire started raining down on concert goers on Oct. 1.

The same man also claimed he was inside the room next door to the shooter when gunfire erupted on 22,000 country western fans — mostly Trump supporters — at an outdoor concert in the shadow of the MGM resort’s sprawling Mandalay Bay resort.

The same man who said he saw shooters gun down a security guard outside the hotel suite he shared with Stephen Paddock, even though that information was never divulged publicly at the time.

The same man who described to news media — minutes after the attack — in detail the tools in Paddock’s suite used for the attack days before such physical evidence was released to the public.

The same man who went to great lengths — using techniques few would know or employ absent training — to mask his phone and social media accounts to shield his location before and during the attack.


He began deleting his online DNA so to speak,” one intelligence veteran said, “Even though we were told not to we were able to recover many things that were deleted.”

But not before key facts were deciphered by agents. Hodge previously lived and worked in the casino industry on the Gold Coast of Australia. Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend, Mary Lou Danley, likewise previously lived and worked in the casino industry on the Gold Coast of Australia, sources said.

Strange. Small world.

Here is the radio interview of Brian Hodge after the shooting. How in the fuck did he know Paddock brought a special hammer? If he lived in Las Vegas why was he in a hotel room????

Even a cabal of retired FBI agents and current intelligence officials echoed similar Hodge-related red flags to Las Vegas FBI brass and LVMPD in the weeks following the shooting, urging officials to green light the federal interrogation of Hodge. Intelligence agents sought permission to question him at his workplace or apartment in Los Angeles.

But officials refused, FBI sources said. To the dismay of many.

But why was Hodge untouchable?

Why was Hodge untouchable???? Because he was part of the advance ASSASSINATION TEAM that's why.

“These seemingly disparate sound streams cannot logically come from the same weapon, fired at the same time, by the same lone shooter. One of the areas of keen interest is the acoustics and sounds that are being stripped and separated using highly sophisticated programs that digitally lay down the signature for each sound emission or in this case, each shot, from each gun and from every potential angle.”

FBI sources said these assessments too were provided to FBI brass — among numerous others — and were likewise swept under the rug. FBI agents who pursued these leads did so on their own, without official authorization from their superiors, sources said.

Hodge left Los Angeles on September 30th for Las Vegas and disabled the geo-locating feature on this Twitter account.

“Something you do to hide your location,” one FBI source confirmed. “This is a surveillance-avoidance tactic that is taught to bad actors.”

FBI insiders said Hodge Tweeted throughout the Mandalay Bay attack with the geo-locating feature on his account disabled, thinking his location would be masked.

Then at 2:43 am PST, Hodge Tweeted again from the Vdara Hotel where he had checked into after vacating Mandalay Bay.


Enter German Torres Moreno who rented one of the rooms with his Mexico driver’s license. He was traveling with two other people at the time, according to records. Moreno rented the room at the hotel on Sept. 29th and then Oct. 1, checking out and skipping Saturday night. The trio returned on Sunday, the day of the attack, FBI sources said.

BOOOM!!! Moreno had a Mexican Driver's license which connects directly with the Congressman saying he had intelligence about ISIS being smuggled across the border, This means Brian Hodge was coordinating with the assassination team. 



Who was the owner of the TOP floors of Mandalay Bay???? THE SAUDIS
Who did the Congressman say crossed the border from Mexico and was involved with the shooting???? ISIS

Mary Lou Worked for the FBI

Marilou Danley, the girlfriend of Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock, worked for the FBI, according to credit application data the Australian national reported as part of a loan application.

That’s the same Danley whose fingerprints were found on Paddock’s horde of ammunition packed into unused rifle magazines.

Publicly available intelligence obtained from consumer credit reporting bureaus show Danley claimed the “Federal Bureau of Investigation” as her place of employment.

Now we know why she told investigators that her fingerprints would be found on the ammunition, don't we? Her and Paddock worked as a tag team.

So how does the Mossad all tie into this? Let's think about who owns all the Casinos in Vegas and who owns the press. Who has the power to tell every reporter in the country except Laura Loomer to stand down on any investigations of the worse mass shooting in American History???

By the way, Big Bloomers Laura Loomer is a Mossad Asset and she was sent to Vegas and Parkland to throw people off the real reasons for the events. 

More info on Big Bloomers Laura Loomer

So there you have it, friends, if anybody can debunk any of this information please leave it in a comment.

Laura Loomer exposed as a Mossad Agent

Still not convinced Laura BIG BLOOMERS LOOMER is not a snitch????
Ask yourself why she never interviewed this teacher who was 20 feet away from the shooter and described him as in full metal carb Helmet Mask????

This is the official hallway video released by a few months ago. Click on the Picture to watch the video.
Now does that look like a mf wearing full metal garb Helmet and Face Mask to You?
And If I can connect these dots sitting in my draws drinking a bottle of Hennesey. How come ALL OTHER REPORTERS IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY 

video of Niklaus Cruz
Please Share Webmasters feel free to link. Gracias

Laura Loomer

Here are my other CLASSIC HITS if I have a writers slump like the Q flunkies.....

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The Persecution of the Red Emperor Collective 

The Covert Samson Option 

Las Vegas Shooting, What REALLY Happened. 

Current Mission located at 6/26/2019 Time Stamp 1:24 am PST

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