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Three Felonies a Day and NSA Surveilance
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Why NSA spying on Americans is so dangerous.

There are so many laws in the United States that ever American commits three felonies per day. Believe me if you are not committing three felonies a day then someone you love or care about is committing three felonies a day. See

Prosecutors who are elected or appointed have the power to file charges on their enemies or let their friends slide free. As in the case of Hilary Clinton, Anthony Weiner and thousands of police officers and government officials. 

When you go to do a FBI background check they know everything you have did and the things they don’t know they force you to tell them when you get a security clearance. For example, have you ever cheated on your wife that she doesn’t know about? They already know if you did or not through NSA surveillance. If you lie you don’t get the security clearance. If you tell the truth then now they have black mail information to use against you if you step out of line.  They use this surveillance information to black main and control our elected leaders.  Anybody who they want to target they can because they have been recording us since the beginning of communications. 

 And as I have said before you don't even have to be guilty, They can ruin your reputation and your financial security just by pressing charges on you.

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