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Micro organisms needed while growing medical marijuana
Beverly (TOTAL POSTS:20) 4/4/2013 2:01:20 PM

Micro organisms do many things including:  

• protect plants
• make the food plants eat (absorb through their roots)
• create soil
• support all life forms on earth

Microbes make the food we eat more nutritious, they promote health.

Why are micro organisms important?

We need our soil to be rich with microorganisms—microbes work hard to take sterile dirt and turn it into rich, friable humus that supports healthy plants.


Where to get micro organisms for your garden

There can be billions of microorganisms in just one (1) teaspoon of healthy compost. 

If you start with a well-balanced biological product, then you can easily add microbes in two easy ways:
• add directly to your growing medium
• add as compost tea

Please talk about your experience with micro organisms as part of a healthy growing environment for your medical marijuana.

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