website stat Colorado Dispensary Owners May Not Get a 1 Year Head Start
Colorado Dispensary Owners May Not Get a 1 Year Head Start
SirCBD (TOTAL POSTS:21) 4/15/2013 1:21:24 PM

Initiative  64 was going to give medical marijuana dispensary owners a 1 year head start for recreational sales. Now it seems that they want to roll it back to 3 months. The sound reason was that dispensary owners should be rewarded for their pioneering work. And for risking their lives and freedom to help patients. Makes sense right?  Washington State which also legalized marijuana for recreational use seems to be taking the opposite approach. There treating current medical marijuana dispensaries as a bug that needs to be squashed. The liquor control board would be wise to allow experienced operators with proving business models and supply lines an opportunity to get out of the quasi legal market and provide not only revenue but experience to the new recreational market.
fawnmw (TOTAL POSTS:) 12/24/2021 12:51:45 AM

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