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Audrey Dawn (TOTAL POSTS:11) 10/26/2013 12:40:57 AM

"What the heck just came out of my bong?  I want to paint a picture!  Why is the sky bluish purple at a certain time different times of the year?  I love it when I meet positive people!  What if the world turns into one giant mass of positive energy with people helping other people and working together to green the desert like Geoff Lawton?  I want to end world hunger and corporate greed!  Do people know that if the top 10 richest people pulled together a whoppin` 3% of their net worth, we could feed e`ery starving man, woman and child?  Earthships. "

Oh yeah.  All that in more within the first 45 seconds of using this medicine.  You will find your keys. 

I love the energizing boost of this rare and true Sativa!  My preferred wake n` bake - I can function with intent thought for hours like I`m performing brain surgery.   The sweet, grape-like aroma is part of the attraction, although I wish it were smoother when smoking.  I medicate for emotional control as well as back pain relief and it works well for both.  It lacks the intense nausea relief Indica`s have been known for, but definitely keeps the brain focused on other areas so you won`t be paying it any mind.  All I know is The Red Emperor in Tacoma keeps it on the shelf for me and all my worry-wart issues are covered  :0)
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