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Welcome to the safe place to order your top grade medical marijuana, Rick Simpson Oil, Hemp oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Hash Oil, BHO, Honey Oil and Ear Wax.
For a decade now, we have been cultivating medical marijuana respecting the highest traditional cultivating standards using the finest ingredients expertly chosen by our master farmers all over the USA, Canada and Europe. Our medical marijuana and oil with the unique crisp flavor is enjoyed and recognized as the perfect ingredient for health cure and smoking happy times to share with friends.
Our medicine is of high potency, THC and CBD. With our medical marijuana and Rick Simpson Oil, we recommend and help patients with the treatment. Package is safely and securely handled to its destination. Reliable and discreet overnight(24/h) within the US. NO CUSTOM CHARGES REQUIRED.
Discrete Packaging Parcels are double vacuum sealed, and cannot be scent detected. Delivery is 100% guaranteed via American Post X-press, USPS and Royal Mail with tracking numbers provided after registering the package.
100% Anonymity and Privacy, We respect our clients and provide 100% anonymous service.
Safe and Secure Payment means, We accept only bitcoins and wire transfer to protect your security and anonymity.
Money back Guarantee, We send your money back if your product gets shorted or we reship the same order..

For more details:
Text/Call/Voicemail: (785) 251-8423
Wickr ID: kieth2

Some available strains include:
#Super Sour Diesel
#Sour Diesel
#Jack Herer
#Blueberry Yum Yum
#Girl Scout Cookies
#Pineapple Express
#Grand-Daddy Purple
#OG Kush
#Sour Og Kush
#Jack Dream
#Purple Kush
#Bubba Kush
#Bubblegum Kush
#Master Kush
#Purple Haze
#Banana Kush
#Orange kush
#Night Queen
#Big Bud
#Blue Dream
#White Russia
#White Widow
We ship to both homes and PO Box address, all 100% safe. We do express overnight in USA, Canada. We do 4 to 5 business days delivery to UK, Australia and Europe.
Here is our general price list for all products of medical marijuana.
1oz (30g)………..$300
1/2 pound (224g)….$850
1 pound (448g)……$1500
For the Rick Simpson Oil, Hemp oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Hash Oil, BHO, Honey Oil
and Ear Wax.
Oil Prices
10g = 350$
30g = 900$
60g = 1500$
We offer discount on high purchases.
How to order and get your medicine?
We sell to both Cards and Non-card holders. It involves 2 steps:
Contact via:
Text/call +1 (785) 251-8423
Thanks and kind regards.
Express Marijuana Team

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